Project Adult Literacy Society

Who We Are

Project Adult Literacy Society is a non-profit organization that has been serving the Edmonton community since 1979. We believe that every person has the right to access services to improve their skills and be functionally literate. By providing access to relevant learning opportunities to adults, we allow them to take the next steps to create better opportunities for themselves and those around them.

What We Do

PALS  offers free tutoring to adult learners who want to improve their basic literacy – reading, writing, comprehension, English language skills, math skills, and digital skills.

Through one-on-one support and small group learning, PALS programs provide opportunities for adults to improve their skills and work towards independence, employment or academic goals.

How You Can Help

Literacy affects people’s lives. Literacy is the responsibility of us all, and if we wish to break the cycle of low literacy levels, we need to address the literacy challenge. By supporting us you enable individuals to fulfil their potential, achieve their goals, and take advantage of opportunities. When individuals do well, so do their families, employers and communities.

Registered Charitable Organization No. 12689-1662RR0001