8 Computer Security Tips!

Computer Security Tips for Computer Security Day 2022

1.Create a Strong Password. 

Did you know that having a password with a good combination of upper and lower case, symbols and numbers reduces how easy it is to hack your emails and accounts? 

2. Install a Security and Antivirus Program

The internet can be an extremely dangerous place despite how cautious you are online. It is impossible to be 100% safe while browsing. To diminish risk, it is necessary to have a trusted antivirus program installed on your device.  

 3. Parental Controls 

Parental controls allow parents to filter and block websites and apps, limit the amount of time spent on online devices, restrict screen time, and even track browsing history minute-by-minute. This helps establish healthy limits on your kids’ Internet access as well as review their history, so you can track when and where restrictions need to be set. 

 4. Be careful what you click

Avoid visiting unknown websites or downloading software from untrusted sources.  

 5. Never leave your devices unattended

This one seems obvious, but you never know. Devices include your phone, smartwatch, Tablet, Laptop, and anything that connects to your personal information. It does not take much for someone to make copies of your devices. Always lock your devices if you step away. For desktop computers, always lock your screen when not in use.  

 6. Back up your Data 

Life happens right? Back up regularly. If you end up losing your devices, it gets stolen, or you become a victim of a security breech. Having a backup copy of your system will make the replacement seamless.  

 7. Online Shopping 

While online shopping is fun it can become dangerous quickly. There are ways to reduce your exposure to online shopping frauds on websites by ensuring that the website you visit has a security certificate known as HTTPS. Ensure that you can trust the website before entering sensitive banking information.  

8. Sharing personal information on social networks  

Sharing is caring but not everything is meant to be shared, especially not personal information on social media.  

What tips would you add?

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