Alfredo’s Journey to the Trades

In 2017 I started to work in the masonry field as an Operator Labourer. I worked labouring for about 3 years even though I was able to lay bricks because I used to be a bricklayer back home. I knew that I needed to get my certificate in order to be a bricklayer in Canada, so I went to NAIT and did my entry exam but failed.

After that a NAIT employee told me about PALS so I contacted them and I started working on my reading and writing with my tutor, Marilyn. She is being very patient with me because I work long hours and all my studies have been online.

Thanks to PALS and my tutor, I was able to pass the apprenticeship entrance exam and today I can say that I am a second-year apprentice. It’s been difficult, but not impossible. I am looking forward to continuing to study with PALS and my tutor until I complete my training.

I did so well in my classes that they are letting me take the training every six months instead of once a year because I am getting 80% plus. This year I did 1st year in January and 2nd year in September. My goal is to be a certified bricklayer and a better reader and writer so I can become a foreman in my work someday.

Today I feel that I can do many things because I can read and write and understand everything better. I cannot stop thanking Bonnie, the Literacy Coordinator, and my tutor, for taking the time to listen to me and help me with my English and Literacy learning. From my experience with PALS, I can certainly tell someone who is struggling with reading and writing that they can find help in this organization, and they can easily improve their language skills to be able to complete their own goals.

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