Ali, LELL – English as Second Language

My name is Ali. I am an LELL student at P.A.L.S. My tutors are Linda and John. I would like to tell you my success story.

It was within two weeks of obtaining my First Aid Certificate at P.A.L.S. that an opportunity presented itself for me to use my First Aid Training at work. A colleague injured his eyes, and I was able to provide immediate assistance and save him from becoming seriously hurt.

This timely intervention got me noticed at work and I was invited to join the company’s Safety Committee. This means that I am responsible for explaining safety procedures and prevention practises to my fellow workers. I am able to explain these regulations in Arabic and English, improve the safety record of the company, and even explain complex safety regulations about using certain machines on the shop floor.

Since August 2012, I am on the safety committee of my company. The Committee meets every month to discuss safety policy and procedures to prevent accidents and improve our safety records. I e-mail completed Incident Reports on each accident to all managers to inform them, and to plan how to prevent such accidents again. I am the only one from the shop floor who has this responsibility.

I was able to take the First Aid Course delivered by St John’s Ambulance through the Students for Students Program. First Aid training is very expensive, but I only paid $20 because P.A.L.S. subsidised the actual cost.

As a newcomer to Canada from Sudan in 2001, I had my high school education in Arabic. I really needed to learn English because without language skills it was impossible for me to find a job. A friend helped me get a job in the meat cutting and packing plant in Brooks, Alberta.

I moved to Edmonton in 2010 and after many personal difficulties because I lacked language and job skills, I connected with P.A.L.S. in 2011. I am very thankful for the help I have received from P.A.L.S. LELL Program and from my tutor Linda.

Linda has helped not only to improve my English to Grade 10 level, but also helped in many other ways with managing my life. As an example, she helped me complete a ten-page application for public housing when I found myself without a place to live. The form was so difficult that I would not have been able to complete it by myself.

Linda’s dedicated volunteerism has inspired me to give my time to help others. I volunteered at the first Alberta Open Taekwondo Tournament in April 2012.
It was an excellent opportunity to meet new people, other volunteers, and practice speaking English. I also volunteer for a community organization that promotes world peace.

Linda has also helped me to improve my public speaking skills. She has encouraged me to practice and give oral presentations in school projects, which helped to improve my self-confidence and self-esteem.

In addition, Linda was instrumental in providing me with an opportunity to take some training in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). I received NCCP certification after completing the course work in Multi-sport Modules A and B. These credentials are very important in enhancing my qualifications as a coach and have helped me coach community soccer, a sport I love.

The LELL Coordinator has encouraged me to explore career options, and modify my goals to ensure they are achievable. She is facilitating my entry to the programs of my choice to meet my career goals. She regularly keeps me posted of current job opportunities. Her recommendation is that I improve my Science vocabulary to enable me to pass the entrance exam for the trades and obtain my welding ticket. I am attending the Science Vocabulary Circle, in addition to my one to one tutoring with John.

Finally, I really appreciate the on-going support and assistance that P.A.L.S. provides in improving my academic skills, and with my integration into the Canadian workplace and community.

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