An, LELL – Literacy for English Language Learners

My name is An. I was born in Saigon, where I was an elementary public school teacher for about 22 years. My sister and her family sponsored me and my parents, and we came to Canada on the night of September 8, 1992.

After about three months in Edmonton, I found a job at Lilydale Foods on the Southside. I worked there until I was 62. I retired early because I became sick and could not work anymore.

After retiring I started to work on my health, and joined the Kinsman Sports Centre to swim. Exercise has improved my health and I feel a lot better.

My friend introduced me to P.A.L.S. to learn English, and I became a member on September 16, 2008. Now I have been at P.A.L.S. over two years and my listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are good. I can sing over 100 songs. I have also taken computer classes at P.A.L.S. and I am practising my typing, and checking my email every time I come to P.A.L.S.

I want to thank the funders, P.A.L.S. staff, volunteer tutors, and other people who help me to achieve my goals. Learning is my way to say thank you to everyone. Once again, I want to say, thank you.

I wish all of you good luck forever. Now, I will sing you A Learners Song that I learned in the P.A.L.S. Sing Along Program.

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