Annette, Literacy

Hi, my name is Annette. I am a full time mom and I have a full time job. I have hidden the fact that I had trouble reading and spelling my whole life. I had trouble in school and no teacher tried to help me.

Somehow I survived and lived a good life. I got married and had 3 kids. I found jobs and even worked my way up to being the Manager at an automotive shop. Then they let me go when they realized my reading and computer skills were too low. I really thought my life was over.
I had trouble finding a new job. When I told people I was dyslexic the interview was over. If I lied then I got a second interview.

I went to P.A.L.S. and Employabilities for help. P.A.L.S. found me a tutor, her name is Eunice and she is awesome. She started me from the beginning and has really built my confidence up. I got another job in the same kind of shop about 4 months after I started learning at P.A.L.S. Things are going really well.

After 18 months I am able to read a full book or the newspaper. I am starting to watch movies with the subtitles. It really improves your reading skills. Learning is a slow process, but with hard work I am getting better.

I feel more confident when I am speaking with people: my family, my friends and my customers and coworkers. I have started to stand up for myself. My kids, my husband and my tutor are all very proud of me and all the hard work they have seen me do. I am proud of me too.

In a way, P.A.L.S. saved my life. Things have changed so much. If someone was struggling, the way I was, I would tell them to go to P.A.L.S. I would tell anyone to give it a try and not to give up. There is a way to change and learn to read. I found it and they can too.

Thank you.

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