Celebrating Digital Skills

WOW! International Literacy Day was such an enormous success! This event celebrated literacy in all its forms, but as the Digital Literacy Program Coordinator, I wanted to call special attention to the Digital Literacy learners! Alie shared a sample of his Chromebooks project and fun facts about goats. Danny, well known for his participation in the Literacy program, shared a speech about his time in the digital literacy program—and how far he has come since he admitted the class syllabus intimidated him!


I spent a lot of time running around trying to capture as many photos as I could, so as I’m sure you can imagine, the day was tiring. But well worth it. I truly enjoyed the many presentations and speakers and getting a chance to connect with a few people. After the event at City Hall, we came back to the PALS office for an Open House where we were joined by learners and tutors in a celebration with snacks and drinks available.

Digital Literacy Classes are On the Go!
Classes have started here at PALS, and while the first class has passed, you can still get on the waitlist for the next sessions! We have classes in Computer Basics, Internet Basics, Skills for Work, Chromebooks, Smart for All, and we even have Digital Literacy for English Language Learners classes. If you want to learn more, call me!

Learner Success
“Mary started out this course at a very beginner level as well as with very low confidence. As the weeks and classes progressed, so did she, despite not being able to practice using her computer at home. But she was diligent and used the handouts to passively learn so that her class time was more beneficial for her. And it showed. She is now able to handle using mouse and keyboard with a lot more confidence and ease.”

Practice at Home!
I have put together a workbook so you can practice some of your basic digital literacy skills at home! This workbook lets you work on what you have learned in class or start your digital literacy journey right from home. Try it out and let me know how you did!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to support you on your digital literacy journey.

Digital Literacy Coordinator

Laureen Guldbrandsen
Call: 780-424-5514, press 4

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