Celebrating International Volunteer Day

With International Volunteer Day on December 5th we want to take a moment to express our gratitude. Your dedication and commitment to the programs at PALS has made an incredible impact on so many lives. Stories from learners that highlight this will be shared in our special mailout, so watch for that to arrive!

We have had over 150 volunteer tutors in 2023, and with your hard work combined, we see changes in the lives of adult learners every day. Your time, compassion, and patience are what makes our program so successful, and we are continuously grateful for everything that you do. Together, we create a place where learners do more than just improve in their reading, writing, English, math, and digital skills; they also become more confident, take part in their community, and foster friendships. The possibilities truly are endless!

Thank you for sharing your skills, your time, and your passion with us. The contribution you make to changing lives through literacy is invaluable. Happy International Volunteer Day to our amazing team of tutors, board members, and general volunteers. You are appreciated more than we can say.

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