Celebrating Women in Mathematics Day

Did you know that May 12th is celebrated as International Women in Mathematics Day? This day honours the legacy of Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal, an award in mathematics. Schools and math clubs organize math activities on this day that celebrate the achievements of women in mathematics.


PALS Conference Soon!

Don’t forget, the PALS Conference is on May 25th at Norquest College. There are many workshops about exciting topics. If you haven’t signed up for a workshop yet, now’s the perfect time.


Welcome New Tutors!

A warm welcome to our new tutors, Rishith and Sissi. Welcome to the team!


Learner Achievements

Big congratulations to all our learners who passed their exams last month. Keep up the great work!


Thanks to Our Tutors

A huge thanks to our math tutors and Seun, our science instructor. Your classes and sessions at our office and the EPL library are amazing. Thanks for all you do to make our learners succeed.


Our Program’s Success

Our program is doing great because you all are so committed to learning and improving. Thank you!

Math Literacy Coordinator

Erum Zeb
Call: 780-424-5514, press 3

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