Colouring Mandalas as a Learning Tool

In the last decade, adult colouring has become very popular. According to Wikipedia, the first successful commercial adult colouring books were published in 2012 and 2013. Adult colouring books then began to increase in popularity in 2015. We still see lots of adult colouring books in stores today.

Why Do Adults Colour?

Are you surprised that adults colour? Do you colour? Many of us stopped colouring when we were young children, but many adults have now returned to their childhood activity. According to various sources on the internet, colouring can bring back childhood memories and spark our creativity. It can improve our motor skills and our focus. It can also improve our mood, help relieve stress, and even improve our sleep. When we colour, our body tends to relax and there are many benefits that result from being more relaxed.

Why colour mandalas?

According to the website,, mandalas are the #1 most popular colouring page for adults. “Mandala” is a word from Sanskrit meaning circle. It is often used as a spiritual symbol and is meant to represent all aspects of life or wholeness.

Colouring mandalas has even become a popular form of art therapy. Mandalas can be used as a type of meditation. It requires focus and prevents multitasking and distraction. It requires you to be present and in the moment. This can give our brain and body a rest from our many daily activities. Colouring mandalas can help create an inner calm.

Colouring Mandalas as a Learning Tool

Some educators use mandalas to support learning. If the learning activity is lecture-based, having learners colour mandalas while listening to the lecture can help a learner absorb the information better. Many learners have a kinesthetic or tactile learning style, and they like to use their hands when learning or need to be in motion to help them focus. Colouring mandalas while listening helps with this. It allows learners to have movement, provides an outlet for their energy, and prevents distraction.

Also, if learning is stressful for learners, using mandalas before or after lessons can help them relax, relieve stress, and be able to better focus. It can also help spark creativity which can help in other areas of learning. And they are fun! Learning is often very serious, but we all need to have fun sometimes while we are learning.

Below is a mandala you can use with learners, or you can colour it yourself. If your learner or you enjoy it, you can get some more mandala colouring sheets when you drop by the PALS office again. Happy, peaceful colouring!!!

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