Crystal, LELL – Literacy for English Language Learners

My name is Crystal Liu and I am from Taiwan.

I wanted to immigrate to Canada because I feel it is a good country to live in. When the opportunity came I emigrated.

Before coming to Canada I could speak a little English. In Taiwan every student studies English stating in junior high school, but we did not get the opportunity to practise it. When I came to Canada I could not communicate very well in English. I didn’t feel very good when I could not speak or understand English. Because of my lack of English I was scared to talk to English speaking people.

I wanted to improve my English so I could speak and understand it better. My friend gave me the phone number for P.A.L.S. I contacted P.A.L.S. and was matched with a tutor. I felt good about getting help and felt even better after meeting my tutor Vicki, who is now my friend.

I have been working on English for ten years but have missed a lot of classes because we both travel a lot. We travelled to Italy together a few years ago. My English has improved but I need to continue to study.

I feel more comfortable going shopping, to a restaurant and other public places. I will ask people to explain if I don’t understand what they are saying. I have made friends with some English- speaking Canadians and have gotten to know my tutor’s family.

I feel better about myself being able to communicate in English but I want to keep learning. I would tell anyone having trouble not to give up.

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