Fresh Beginnings and Growth in Digital Literacy

Hello April, the month of blooming flowers and fresh beginnings. As the flowers start to grow and blossom, so do we. We are all constantly learning new things and growing our skills at our own pace. This is the greatest part of being with PALS as a learner or a tutor. We work together as a team to help each other grow and learn. And believe me, I learn just as much from you all as you learn from me if not more!

We have some new things happening here at PALS, and I hope you plan to take part in our upcoming events and activities.

Digital Literacy Classes Have Started!

Learners are already engaged in learning the digital skills they need in classes from Computer Basics to Skills for Work. These 15-week classes have been designed for someone with little to no computer skills learn to use their PC or Chromebook, safely use the Internet and work with basic word processing, spreadsheets, and slide presentations.

If you are wondering which class is best for you (or your learner), let me know and we can go over the skills checklists together. Classes are currently full, but I am starting a waitlist. If you couldn’t join this group of classes, sign up for the next!

Our aim is to empower you with the skills to navigate the digital world confidently. Digital literacy is essential, especially in today’s world, where technology is an integral part of our daily lives.

Learn Something New

Do you know how to recognize and what to do if you think you are being phished, scammed, or see a suspicious link?

Phishing is when a fake email or text asks for your personal or banking information.

What to do: Don’t reply! Call the person, bank, or business that sent you the message.

Phone scams are when someone calls pretending to be your bank or another business.

What to do: Hang up. Call your bank or the business the person said they were from. This way you know you are speaking with the right person.

Suspicious links can lead to fake websites or can be ads that try to get you to click on them.

What to Do: Don’t click links you are not expecting! Call the person who sent you the link and make sure it’s real.

Did you notice the theme?

Call your bank, a business, or a person to make sure they are the ones who sent you those messages or phone calls!

Here’s to a new chapter in your life filled with joy and growth in all your literacy skills. 

Digital Literacy Coordinator

Laureen Guldbrandsen
Call: 780-424-5514, press 4

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