Digital isn’t (that) scary!

It’s spoopy* season, you guys! You have no idea how excited I get when I start seeing all the Halloween stuff out in the stores—costumes, décor, candles, kitschy* mugs. (I’ve already added a new mug to my collection, and I couldn’t be happier.) Getting to indulge in the dark, scary, and a little bit silly is my favourite part of October. But at least I’ve outgrown practising my witch’s cackle.

You know what I find really scary, though? All the misinformation and fake news lurking online. With Media Literacy Awareness Week creeping up on October 23-27, it’s so important that we improve our skills in digital literacy. And that’s one of the reasons why we’ve been developing workbooks with your internet safety in mind. We have workbooks on Cyber Security, Online Privacy, Online Shopping and Entertainment, and What Can I Trust Online. These workbooks are designed so you can work on them with your tutor or on your own and they have lots of fun activities.

Good News Everybody!

(Does anyone else hear Professor Farnsworth whenever you read that?)

Welcome New Tutors

I am thrilled to welcome Soeun and Dan to our team of digital tutors. Soeun and Dan bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our program, and I am confident that they will fit right in.

Something Fun: House Hippos!

For more than 20 years, house hippos have been helping teach Canadians to think critically* about media. Here is a fun little video to introduce you to these adorable creatures.

When I was a kid, it just about broke my heart to learn that I couldn’t have a house hippo for a pet…

But! Now that we know what house hippos are, can you find them in the picture below?

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to support you on your digital literacy journey.


Spoopy – cute, funny, or silly versions of things that are normally spooky, such as ghosts and skeletons.

Kitschy – popular but considered to have no real artistic value.

Critically – making fair, careful judgements about the good and bad qualities of something.

Digital Literacy Coordinator

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