Digital Literacy

Program Description

Learning Basic Digital skills helps you:

  • learn how to use your computer, smart phone, or tablet 
  • find ways to use your devices for everyday tasks
  • build confidence in using your devices and participating in the digital world

There are three areas that we typically focus on:

  1. Developing familiarity with the hardware of a computer – monitor, mouse, keyboard, USB memory stick etc.
  2. Building an understanding of how different types of software work – including using Microsoft Windows or a Mac Operating System to navigate spreadsheets, word processors, PowerPoints etc.
  3. Reaching your personal digital goals: programs that you may require or want to learn for work or school such as accessing email, word processing, spreadsheets, using search engines, joining social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), and data management may also be covered, as per your personal learning goals.

Digital Literacy Coordinator

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Learning Activities

One on One Tutoring

Using your own device, meet with a tutor in person at a public location (library or our office) or online for 2 hours a week.

Work on your own goals, at your own pace.

Group Activities

Drop-In In-Person classes

  • at our offices 
  • 3 times a week
  • monthly activities
Smart for All
  • how to use your smart phone
  • downloading and using apps
Digital Storytelling 
  • learn how to create a video or digital presentation of your story / life