Digital Tools for Managing Money

Did you know that November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada? You’re probably wondering why we’re even talking about money over in Digital Literacy. Digital tools help you manage your money! So, let’s learn a little bit about how Digital Literacy can help you.

One of the first steps to managing your money is knowing how much money you have and where you’ve spent it. Online banking shows your account balances and recent purchases and deposits. You can also pay your bills online and check your credit score. To keep your personal information safe, make sure you’re using a secure Wi-Fi network.

Next, make a budget with your money information! I promise it’s not as scary as you think. There are simple apps for your phone and templates you can use online (here is one from the Government of Canada). These can help you set money goals and track your spending habits. (PALS has classes on How to Manage Your Money. Talk to Erum for more information!)

Managing your money might seem hard, but digital tools make it simple. If you need help with math or using a computer or smartphone, let me know! We have classes that teach everything from what computers are, to how to use the basics of spreadsheet programs and much more. We also have one-to-one tutoring to help you improve your digital literacy.

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