New Year, New Digital Classes

Welcome back, everyone, and happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. As we kick off 2024, I wanted to share a quick story that underscores the importance of digital literacy.

I spent most of my holiday break baking. When I wanted to make a family recipe for cookies, I realized I didn’t have the recipe in my personal cookbook. Thanks to basic digital literacy skills, I was able to get the recipe from a photo my sister had sent me. Later, when I decided to bake a black chocolate cake, I turned to the internet to find a recipe. That’s when I discovered ‘black cocoa’ – something I didn’t even know existed! This all reminded me of the important role digital literacy plays in our daily lives.

Now, let’s talk about what’s happening at PALS. While our digital classes took a break during the holidays, we’re getting ready for an amazing January lineup. Starting as early as January 15th, we’ll be offering Computer Basics, Internet Basics, Smart for All, Skills for Work, Chromebooks, and Digital Literacy for English Language Learners classes. If you’re interested in improving your computer skills, now is the perfect time to enroll. To register in one of these classes, contact me today.

And for a bit of fun while working on your digital skills, consider trying out typing games on They’re a great way to boost your typing accuracy and speed!

Lastly, I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated tutors. Your hard work in helping others improve their digital skills is immensely appreciated and makes a significant impact on our community’s digital literacy.

Thank you all for your support, and here’s to a year filled with learning and growth!

Digital Literacy Coordinator

Laureen Guldbrandsen
Call: 780-424-5514, press 4

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