Donald, Math Literacy

I was referred to P.A.L.S. by the Apprenticeship Board, after taking my first year at N.A.I.T. They told me I would have to improve my math skills if I wanted to continue with them.

I was excited and nervous about coming to P.A.L.S. because I hadn’t been in school for a long time. I had only gone to grade 8 as a kid and thought that would get me through life, but I wanted to be a tradesperson and have a career instead of going from job to job.

I was accepted very well at P.A.L.S. I thought it would be a stricter learning procedure like normal schools had. I thought they would rush me through and not give me time to figure things out. Things at P.A.L.S. were more hands on and they checked to make sure I was understanding and learning. It was very different from what I had experienced in education up to that point.

Everything has been refreshed from what I learnt years ago and I am using the math I learnt at PALS in my program at N.A.I.T. now. P.A.L.S. is more than what I expected. I am very happy with the people I meet here. Every time I come here, after 2 hours I leave and feel that I have learnt something I can use and will benefit from.
I know that I am working toward my own goals here.

I am happier about myself. I have more confidence and accept new challenges. I might have shied away from things before but with more knowledge you become more successful. It is a good, positive cycle. The self-satisfaction creates a more positive outlook on life. I try to participate in the programs and volunteer in fundraising events to give back to P.A.L.S. myself.

If I were to meet someone in my situation I would definitely refer them to P.A.L.S. First of all it doesn’t cost anything and for what you get, you can’t go wrong.
You have to make a commitment to yourself and to the program to get the best results. It is hard work but in the end I know I will succeed so they could too.

I would like to thank P.A.L.S. for accepting me in the program. I feel like everyone I have met here, tutors and coordinators have been helpful to me. Once you come to a couple of classes it starts to feel like a family affair and we have fun. We talk about how we are progressing and what is happening and even help each other out. Everybody has a different story but we have common goals. I want to thank the organization for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make P.A.L.S. what it is.

Thank you also to United Way and Advanced Education and all the other funders who support P.A.L.S. They provide a great service and could not do it without your financial assistance.

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