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Reasons to Donate

Support a learner who wants to change their lives through learning and sheer hard work. Your support will allow us to continue to offer free and meaningful programs to adults who otherwise will never have an opportunity to learn. Help us break the cycle of low-literacy, poor health, and poverty among many others.

This is our promise:

We commit to providing 100% of all public donations towards funding adult learning program initiatives.

Donate Your Time and Volunteer

Become a volunteer with PALS and share your talents, learn new skills, meet new people, and contribute to building a strong and connected community.

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You can support PALS with a one-time donation, or become a monthly donor to make a larger impact.


Endowment funds provide financial stability, flexibility, and long-term planning for charities, and leave a lasting legacy for donors. Endowments ensure PALS has the resources we need to achieve our mission and make a lasting impact.

PALS established our first endowment with the Edmonton Community Foundation using the bequest funds received from PALS Learner and Honourary member Phil Beakhouse. This fund will allow us to enhance the quality of life of adults with literacy needs in a lasting way that honours his legacy.

Vaughn and Tammy Beakhouse, family members of Phil, followed this by setting up another generous endowment to show their continued support for changing lives through literacy.

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