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I, Duane Alexander Payne grew up and went to school in Edmonton. During my teen years I was too busy partying – trying to be cool, not too concerned about my future and taking everything for granted. I did very little to keep up with my studies and even though I had no learning barriers I struggled in class. As a result of my attitude I dropped out of school half way through grade 10, not realizing that not getting the diploma could cause so many barriers in my future.

I went on to join the trades. I signed up as an apprentice welder through the apprentice board and got myself a blue book. I worked to get my 1500 hours so I could go to school and get my ticket as a certified welder. I also went and registered for a two month course. I failed badly. I could not understand any math or the theory part of the course. I dropped out again and lost all my hours. I had to get additional 1500 hours if I wanted to go to school again.

As I was getting older and wiser I realized that I could not go on like this. I needed to get a better paying job and for that I had to go back to school. However to get to school I had to improve my math and reading skills. I found myself at a road block. I had no choice but to get my grade 12. That is when my grandma told me about the P.A.L.S. program.

I decided to give P.A.L.S. a try. It took a great deal of self talk and determination to get myself to come to P.A.L.S. This was like a second chance in life for a fresh start. I needed to get better in my math if I had to go forward. I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired. I told my self that I could only get through this if I took it seriously. And that’s exactly what I did.

When I first started going to P.A.L.S. math felt boring as hell. But I told my self if I got up and walked away again I would never become successful. My tutor Paul Godsell helped me a lot. Paul’s pleasant and very understanding and non-judgemental and friendly attitude made me step up to the plate and do what I was supposed to do. By the end of the second month, I started to feel like I was learning and understanding math and see how things work. As I kept on coming to classes, I kept on learning more and learning faster. I started to see math as being fun and my self confidence grew.

So now it was time for a career decision. The only reason I went for welding was because it did not demand grade 12. Now I wanted to try something else. But before I could do anything, I needed to upgrade my education. I joined NorQuest and so far I passed my first semester and scoring 80 and 90 % in math.

If P.A.L.S. did no take me in, I would probably be living a life of crime and only going downhill. Today I have more self confidence and self respect. I know that with the support of my tutor Paul, my family and P.A.L.S. I can now look forward to getting a good decent job and live the life that I always dreamed of. I have my self esteem and self confidence back. I see myself getting closer to my goal each day.

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  1. I would like to congratulate my friend Duane on his success and to thank all who has helped him realize as I’ve always known him to be a strong determined man…
    That he has what it takes to succeed..So hats off to all who helped him and those who continue to rediscover or pursue what we as human beings have always had but lost somewhere along the way…..THE FAITH AND BELIEF IN OURSELVES THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!

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