Emmanuel, Math Literacy

Good evening everyone, thank you for having me.

My name is Emmanuel Bautista. I am from Manila, in the Philippines. I worked doing electrical installation and as a foreman and contractor for advertising campaigns and public relations. I came to Canada 12 years ago because of my dream.

When I came to Canada I worked in different jobs, l had white and blue collar jobs. As white collar jobs: I worked as cleaning supervisor, restaurant crew and hotel staff, as blue collar I worked as laborer, construction laborer, truck driver, newspaper delivery, gas station attendant, cook and janitor or a cleaner.

I usually work 2 or 3 jobs and have been working for 7 days a week since I came to Canada. Life is tough. I did not jump from job to job. I stay for a while, even years at a job. When l learn the skills l move to the next level or find a more interesting job that helps me learn more skills.

I still keep the cleaning jobs in the evening because it helps me pay bills and allows me to do work in the day time or attend classes or do trades skill jobs in the construction that usually start and ends every time the project is finish and delivered on time to the customer.

I wanted to be an electrician here in Canada. I called AIT, and they told me I needed to first pass the entrance exam for level 5.Then I was asked: “when was the last time you did full-time studies?” I told them that was more than 10 years ago. I was told that if I did not prepare I would not be able to pass it. Then I checked on NAIT and Edmonton Public schools. The prep courses were so expensive – each course cost $2000 and I was required to come to school every day.

I called AIT again and told them I could not afford that, so I asked if they knew any government programs or non-profits that could help. AIT gave me the contact info for P.A.L.S.

It was a very warm welcome. I did the test and was given a module the same day. I was nervous taking the exam. I was not prepared.

I learned a lot from my tutors about algebra, trigonometry, equations, exponents, and science, physics, and velocity. I also attended the math test preparation workshop. I achieved more than a lot from P.A.L.S.
P.A.L.S. staff and volunteers are very nice and good people. I like the organization. It’s non-profit. People here help and care for each other.

I gained confidence in writing the exam. I got 91% because of P.A.L.S. I got my apprenticeship blue book, and enrolled at NAIT.

I even got a scholarship from the Motive Action Foundation. I’m the first and only electrician they gave to in their 20 years – they only give scholarships to mechanics, welders, and autobody apprentices. I had started in the automotive program before changing to electrician. They were so impressed by my mark on the AIT exam.

I’m very satisfied P.A.L.S. is one of the best things to happen in my life.

When I get my journeyman electrical licence, l plan to give-up the 7 days cleaning job and concentrate on electrical work. That is my goal, so l can enjoy more of life, do what l like most which is volunteering to non-profit or perhaps work as a side job in non-profit to help the people who needed help.

I would like to encourage everyone who wants to go back to school to try P.A.L.S. It is mentorship – they will not scare and punish you when you are slow or when you fail. The tutors cheer you on, and also the Director lady is cheering.

Just keep trying. P.A.L.S. is like the law of attraction. It will help you attract and navigate to success. It is a long journey.

P.A.L.S. – thank you so much. I hope P.A.L.S. will upload lots of math and English tutorials on YouTube, so that anywhere in the world adult learning will spread, anytime, anywhere.

I am very happy and very proud of P.A.L.S.

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