Phil Beakhouse Fund for PALS

PALS is honoured to have received a selfless donation from Phil Beakhouse’s estate. Phil was a learner and an honorary member of PALS. Phil passed away in 2019. This gift is like no other we have ever received.

Every April, the Phil Beakhouse Learner Achievement Award will be presented to an adult learner who has demonstrated commitment and hard work in developing their literacy skills and raising awareness of PALS and the need for foundational adult literacy in our community.

Vaughn & Tammy Beakhouse Fund For PALS

Adult literacy is a fundamental skill that impacts all aspects of life, from career opportunities to health outcomes and quality of life. We were inspired by our uncle Phil who was a long-time learner with PALS and established the first endowment fund for PALS through his estate even though he was a person of modest means. It was especially heartwarming to see him develop the ability to read a menu and a street sign and to write and speak about his personal experiences. We also admire the adult learners who have the courage to seek assistance and the wonderful leaders and volunteers who work so hard to enrich people’s lives through literacy. Literacy allows individuals to more thoroughly participate in and contribute to our communities.

We are confident that PALS’ leadership and volunteers leverage donations and other resources in a financially responsible manner. With the reliable income from endowment funds, PALS can more effectively plan to ensure that their high quality literacy programs remain current and accessible for the long term.

We are honoured to be a part of PALS’ effort to provide resources that will help ensure that all individuals can achieve their full potential, regardless of their literacy level.

Vaughn and Tammy Beakhouse

Ways to Give

What if you could make a difference in your community — not only today, not just for your lifetime, but forever? Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) helps donors create that kind of vibrant, ongoing support. By setting up an endowment fund, you can help ensure that PALS will have the resources we need to achieve our mission and make a lasting impact.

What are Endowment Funds?

Endowment funds provide financial stability, flexibility, and long-term planning for charities and leave a lasting legacy for donors and create a sustainable source of income that we can use to support our mission and programs.

By setting up PALS endowment funds with Edmonton Community Foundation, we are making a commitment to the future of our organization and the community we serve, and we are excited about this opportunity and the benefits it will bring to both.

Here are some of the primary reasons why PALS has set up endowment funds:

Legacy: Endowment funds allow donors to leave a lasting legacy by making a gift that will support our charity for generations to come. Donors can establish endowments to honour loved ones or to support causes that are important to them.

Mission Continuity: Endowment funds help ensure that PALS’ mission and programs can continue into the future. Endowments provide a stable source of funding.

Flexibility: Endowment funds will provide PALS with greater financial flexibility. Because endowment funds are invested for the long term, PALS can use the income generated to support our mission in a variety of ways. 

Long-Term Planning: Endowment funds will help PALS plan for the long term. Because endowments generate income over a long period, PALS can make strategic decisions that will benefit the organization for years to come. 

Financial Stability: Endowment funds provide financial stability to PALS by ensuring a steady source of income over the long term, which allows PALS to plan for the future and make strategic decisions with confidence, knowing that we will have a reliable stream of income.

Endowment funds can be used to support ongoing programs, develop new programs, invest in new technology, support new research, invest in infrastructure, and weather financial downturns, all while ensuring PALS’ financial health.