Fall in Love with Learning in LELL

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you had a great start to the year. Can you believe it’s February already!! This is the Month of love!!! Let’s fall in love with LEARNING 😊!!!!

LELL is full of enthusiastic learners who are always willing to learn more! Big applause to all the learners who show up for classes despite the responsibilities at home and restrictions at work. No amount of snow and harsh weather can stop them, and we are proud of every one of our Learners.

Our Tutors are equally deserving of the appreciation and applause. It is only with their sheer dedication and passion, that PALS can do what it does.

 To provide our Learners with the best services we try our best to come up with new courses and activities to give them all the chances to learn and grow.

 We have the following activities/classes starting soon and feel free to reach out to me and register for the same.

  • Family Day craft workshop: Get together to celebrate family day through this creative workshop. Participants will learn to make photo frames from scratch. Not only is this workshop a fun activity, but it will also help you learn new vocabulary and make conversations out of your classroom.
  • Field trip to the Legislature building: Join us for an educational field trip to the Legislature building in March!!! What a great chance to learn and gain new experience.
  • Online conversation circle: Keeping the work and time restrictions in mind, we are soon starting an online group class which comes with the flexibility of time and location.

Something Fun

 LELL will be organizing a movie time the end of the month. It is a great opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. If you are interested in the same, please get in touch with us or your tutor. ALSO!! feel free to suggest some movies 😊

Finally, I would like to end it with a beautiful quote by B.B King:

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.

LELL Coordinator

Ravneet Shergill
Call: 780-424-5514, press 2

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