New Grammar Resources Available At PALS

Wow! This has been the best January ever! I hope February and March are as mild. I can handle snow but don’t like being really cold. Let’s all hope for the best! 😊 It’s been very quiet at PALS all month and I have been getting lots done.

We have 11 new grammar workbooks! If you struggle with writing, these workbooks can help give you the skills you need. Just ask Bonnie for more information. 

We have had three new tutors since January! Welcome, Yvette, Michelle, and Tim.  Tim and Heather have volunteered with PALS before and have taken a new learner. I love it when our former tutors come back to us! 

Our learners Rosie and Martha have both moved on to doing their GED!  Congratulations and good luck! Remember PALS is always here for you! 

Literacy Coordinator

Bonnie Caron
Call: 780-424-5514, press 1

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