January and February Activities and Events


Thursdays, 1:15 PM at the PALS Office

Singing helps you speak better! 
Words to songs help you read better! 
Singing with a Group is fun! 
Learn Popular Songs, folk songs, and Funny songs! 

Book Club

Tuesdays, 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Starting January 31 at the PALS Office

We are looking for new people to join us and will be reading a funny book to start the year off right.

The B-Team by Melodie Campbell

Del’s Great-Aunt Kitty has retired from a life of crime and embarked on a new adventure, the B-Team. Although Del works at an animal shelter by day, by night she, her great -aunt, and best friends Dino and Ritz, use their criminal skills to right wrongs. These modern-day Robin Hoods set out to return a necklace to its rightful owner but along the way they realize they’ve been tricked by an imposter who wants to get her own hands on the necklace. They can’t go to the police,  so what can they do?

Goal Planning Workshop

February 22, 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM
at the PALS Office


  1. Identify and make a goal clear and
  2. How to plan the steps you will need to
    achieve your goal
  3. What will you need to stay motivated
    while you work towards your goal?
  4. How to help build a team around you for

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