Gabor, Math Literacy

Gabor is 32 years old. He is currently working at a job that does not give him satisfaction, so he is working hard to move forward towards his dream. He wants to be in a profession that he feels passionate about.

Gabor was a shy child and although he completed Grade 12, he felt anxious and at times thought he was really stupid. It affected him emotionally. He was referred to P.A.L.S. by his psychologist.

He did not know what to expect. He was nervous when he walked in and thought he would be considered stupid for not knowing his math. P.A.L.S. turned out to be something totally different. It was exactly what he was looking for.

Gabor was put in a math group to work with a volunteer tutor. He started reviewing his multiplication and then working on division. He has come a long way since he first started. He now knows how to solve fractions, decimals, integers, percentages, ratios, measurements and many different types of math problems. His self-esteem has improved and he figured out that he is actually smart. He is now working on Geometry, which is the last module of the Pre-Entry program.

Learning at P.A.L.S. has opened up more possibilities for him. Gabor is now looking forward to making his dream a reality. He is working on his math skills so he can get his upgrading and work towards having a better job and a better future.

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