Happy Pi Day from Math Literacy

As the seasons change, bringing warmer weather, our passion for math remains constant. Our tutoring sessions, both one-on-one and group formats, have continued smoothly, reflecting the enthusiasm and dedication of our tutors and learners.

The new weekend math class at the downtown library has been receiving a fantastic response. Many learners are taking advantage of this opportunity as drop-ins. Remember, drop-in learners are always welcome at the PALS office on Fridays as well. Thanks to Michael and Jackie for their support in this regard.

Looking forward, our Financial Literacy Workshop in May-June will cover topics such as budgeting, saving, and understanding credit. It will equip learners with the skills to make daily financial decisions confidently. If there’s a specific financial literacy topic, you’re interested in learning more about, please let us know. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

The trade science class will continue to be held on Saturday mornings at PALS. Trade learners are encouraged to join these.

Now here is some fun fact about math:

Did you know that every year on March 14th, math enthusiasts celebrate Pi Day by enjoying pie and discussing the many wonders of π? The number Pi (π) is irrational, meaning it cannot be expressed as a fraction of two integers. Its decimal representation is infinite and non-repeating, making it a fascinating subject in mathematics. While 22/7 is a common approximation, Pi’s exact value is a never-ending, unique sequence of digits.

We’re looking forward to continuing this educational journey with you. Together, let’s embrace the joys of learning and achieve new milestones in math and beyond.

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Erum Zeb
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