International Literacy Day 2022

On September 8, Project Adult Literacy Society celebrated International Literacy Day at Edmonton City Hall with an official proclamation from the City of Edmonton, refreshments, and speakers, followed by an open house at the PALS office. This was an important date to raise awareness to the fact that 48 percent of Canadians 16 years of age or older are below the basic level of literacy (Statistics Canada and the OECD) and continue to struggle in attaining it. Literacy is integral not only to an individual’s economic and material wellbeing, but to one’s self-esteem and sense of dignity. 20 percent of adult Albertans struggle with low literacy, and 50 percent struggle with basic math skills. 

Since 1967, International Literacy Day celebrations have taken place annually around the world to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights, and to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society.

Celebrating Adult Literacy!

We asked “What does learning mean to you?” and the answers started rolling in. See the messages people shared on our wall!

Learning means to read more, write more, feel happy. Learning in class is great!
Changing my life by knowing and understanding. Growing my skills and behaviours. Being open about what happened. They make me powerful and proud.
The first thing you learn about learning is "I can do this.' The second thing you learn about learning is "I can do this every day."
As a tutor, learning means to instill in my students joy and confidence in their ability to learn. I strive to teach for success. Success inspires students to welcome new learning, challenges, and results in a positive self-attitude and self-esteem.
The beautiful thing about learning is you don't need a suitcase to carry it around and no one can take it away from you!
Learning makes me change my life. Learning makes me know English. Learning makes me be happy.
Learning means opening doors and creating amazing opportunities for all stages of life.

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