Introducing Our New LELL Coordinator!

Marie Fontaine, Literacy for English Language Learners (LELL) Coordinator

Welcome to P.A.L.S. Marie!

Marie is the new coordinator of the LELL program. Until August Marie will be working Thursdays and Saturdays. I encourage you to e-mail or call her on those days.

Marie brings many skills to the program and a commitment to adults who have English Language challenges. She will bring her enthusiasm and energy to LELL.

Marie Fontaine, LELL Coordinator
Marie Fontaine, LELL Coordinator

Marie’s biography

She is a bilingual Canadian who has been working in the field of ESL for the past 19 years. After twenty-two years of living and teaching English in Germany, she has returned to Canada, to embark on a mission to reinvent herself. Her interests are broad ranging and include volunteering for CJSR radio, Theatre Network, Fort Edmonton Park, the Art Gallery of Alberta and Skirtsafire Women’s Festival.

Her appointment as LELL coordinator at P.A.L.S is a career move she is very excited about.

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