Kloreta, Math Literacy & Literacy for English Language Learners

Hi, my name is Kloreta. I am a Math and LELL student at P.A.L.S.—Project Adult Literacy Society. I have been an LELL student since October, 2011 and then, with LELL Coordinator’s help, I went to the Math Coordinator to join the math program.

Right now, I attend the Wednesday Math Study Group, and am in a one to one match with an LELL tutor. I also attend twice weekly classes in an LELL conversation circle. I can’t believe that there are so many activities at P.A.L.S. that we can do. Sometimes I think back to when I was still living in Albania and can’t believe I am here and life is so much better.

My literacy journey began in 2005 when my husband, my mother and I had to leave our home country of Albania because my husband’s life was being threatened.

We first lived in Ontario and two weeks after arriving, I had my first baby, Gabriel. We lived in Ontario for almost three years and then decided to come to Edmonton. We chose Edmonton because there were more jobs here.

My husband came first by himself, in January 2007, to find us a home. I came in February with my mother and my son. It was so cold when we got off the plane, I wondered if Edmonton would become our home. Within a few weeks, my husband and I both found jobs. We soon settled into life here and we don’t mind the weather. During the next few years, I worked as a housekeeper at a hotel and also as an apartment building caretaker and I had two more children.

I often think of my dad, who was a self-made businessman. He always told me to do something special with my life.
He thought it would be a good idea for me to go back to school. My English language skills were improving but I knew I needed to get better. I also realized that I needed a good career to help me take care of my family.

I soon found a job opening as a hairstylist’s apprentice. I met with Apprenticeship and Industry Training and they told me to go to P.A.L.S. to get help with passing the entrance exam. I registered with the LELL program at P.A.L.S. and within a few weeks started working with the tutors. I also started attending weekly Math Study Groups.

So, now I had 2 jobs, 3 kids, and because daycare is so expensive, my husband and I had to make a very difficult decision to send two of our children back to Albania to stay with my mom. We plan to have the kids come back later this year. By then, they will be old enough to be in school. I miss them so much.

I love coming to P.A.L.S. I have met so many people and have made many friends. The tutors are very good and very nice. My classes are enjoyable and I know they are helping me. For me, the math is a little bit harder than LELL, but I know I am learning the things I will need to pass the entrance exam. I am excited about becoming a hairdresser here.

Thank you to Betty and Adam, my math tutors, and to my LELL tutors Segen, Doug and Luiting.

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