Learner Stories

Here are some of the stories from our learners, shared with permission.

Overcoming Computer Anxiety with PALS

Before coming to PALS, I used to experience anxiety when it came to using computers. I was afraid of fraud and identity theft. Communicating with family members who were using computers was also challenging for me. While my family and support system wanted me to learn to use computers, I recognized I had to learn […]

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Alfredo’s Journey to the Trades

In 2017 I started to work in the masonry field as an Operator Labourer. I worked labouring for about 3 years even though I was able to lay bricks because I used to be a bricklayer back home. I knew that I needed to get my certificate in order to be a bricklayer in Canada, […]

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Eddy, Literacy

I came to P.A.L.S. to learn how to write properly in English. I was tired of not being able to write and having to ask my wife to write things for me. Also, when my employers asked me to write about what happened to a tool or an incident report, it made me look stupid […]

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Phoutthaphon, Literacy for English Language Learners

Hello, my name is Phouttaphon Keovolalath but my friends call me Phoutt. I was born in Laos and lived there with my family until I was 19. In 2003 I finished my high school and then I went to Thailand to study at Buddhist University MCU Khonkaen Campus (Bachelor of Art) and I graduated in […]

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Emmanuel, Math Literacy

Good evening everyone, thank you for having me. My name is Emmanuel Bautista. I am from Manila, in the Philippines. I worked doing electrical installation and as a foreman and contractor for advertising campaigns and public relations. I came to Canada 12 years ago because of my dream.

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Maria, Literacy for English Language Learners Student

Hello, good evening. My name is Maria. I´m from Mexico. I would like to tell you about my journey learning English. I started two and a half years ago when I came to Canada. First of all, the English language has always been important in my life. Since I was a child I have been […]

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