Learning LELL is Fun!

Hello everyone! Happy October. I hope the month so far has been as beautiful as the fall and you are all set and prepared to get into the spooky season!!! As for me, I can not wait for the decorated streets and children in costumes.

Just as the upcoming months are full of excitement, so is our program! 

LELL is running many exciting learning opportunities for English language learners.

Our Learning Opportunities:

Grammar and writing: There are many grammar and writing classes running successfully. This program focuses on helping the learners to focus and improve their grammar and writing skills. The instructors follow many useful resources to practice exercises in the classroom and help learners sharpen their skills.

Conversational circles: There are many of our learners who feel confident with their reading and writing skills but could use more practice with their conversational skills. This program is just the right choice for these learners. With interactive classes and many opportunities for learners to participate, our conversational circle program helps learners become more confident with the speaking aspects of the language.

Tutoring:  The majority of our learners have full-time jobs and family responsibilities to take care of and therefore It is not always easy to commute to our office and make time for classes with their jobs. Therefore, our LELL one-on-one tutoring provides them with the opportunity to meet with the tutors near their residence, according to the schedule that suits them better, hence letting them make time for both work and learning at the same time.

Good News!

We have been lucky to have learners actively attending the program; nothing looks more satisfying than a full and interactive classroom. It feels great to share that our program has 114 active learners at the moment meeting inside and outside of classrooms with 41 active tutors sharing their skills and talents and them working together.

We are also excited to announce that LELL has very recently started running a book club.

Book club: Where learners sit and read a book together, helping them not only work on their reading skills but also converse in English to discuss the storyline with their classmates.

Do you want to know more? We are just a call away.


Welcome New Tutors!

It is so exciting to welcome the wonderful new tutors to the PALS family. I am happy to welcome, Angela, Ripenjeet, Colleen, and Shahnaz, they bring immense dedication and excellent skills with them, and their presence has helped PALS to help learners with better services. Also, a BIG THANKS to our current tutors for their consistent hard work.


Coming Soon – English for Workplace Excellence

Do you ever enter a bank or a school and are given a form to be filled out? Do you have to make a call and book an appointment? Is there a class at a school you want to inquire about?

We are starting a new learning opportunity that can help you with all the right things to do and say at these official places. “English for workplace excellence” works around preparing learners for everyday situations and places.

If you are a tutor who would like to teach a similar group or a learner who would like to be a part of this course, give us a call!!

LELL Program Assistant

Call: 780-424-5514, press 2

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