April Learning in LELL

Welcome to the month of April! This is a great opportunity to start fresh and set new goals for the upcoming season. With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to learn something new, like a Canadian idiom.

Speaking of learning, our English classes have begun with a new instructor, Hanieh. These new LELL classes start from foundational conversation skills up to grammar and writing for those who are a little bit more experienced with the English language. Hanieh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classes, and we’re excited to have her on board.

Now, let’s talk about Canadian idioms. One of the most popular Canadian idioms is “toque”, which is a type of winter hat. Canadians use this word all the time, especially during the cold winter months. For example, “I need to grab my toque before heading outside.”

Learning idioms like this can be a fun way to improve your English skills and connect with Canadian culture. So why not challenge yourself to learn a new idiom this month? Who knows, it might come in handy!


We are looking for learners who would like to join our Singalong. If you are an LELL learner, Singalong is very good for you! Lots of music and words to read, learning how to say the words the right way in a fun way, and learning more about Canada with Canadian songs.

We still have room for 3 more learners, tutors please encourage your learners to join. Contact Bonnie to register.

LELL Coordinator

Call: 780-424-5514, press 2

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