Happy New Year from LELL

Hello everyone! I hope you all had great holidays and I wish you a very happy new year!!!

Did you set up any new resolutions? Are there any new goals, you would want to work towards? Well, our goal is to take LELL to new heights this year and it could only be achieved with you all by our side.

Our Programs

Literacy for English Language Learners (LELL) Plans to offer the following classes this year:

  • PRECLB-CLB5: Multiple group classes are running at PALS for various CLB levels. These segregated classes for each level, help the learners to sit in a class with a global learning capacity. This would help the learners to feel more comfortable in the class and provide them with the opportunity to be more active and interactive.
  • CONVERSATION CIRCLES: Conversation circles are one of our most loved classes at PALS. This class provides the learners the opportunity to improve their speaking skills. They get the chance to sit in groups, speak, and discuss about various topics.
  • WRITING CLASSES: Two writing classes are running at PALS. Beginner’s writing, which would have the foundational learners build a base for writing, and Advanced writing class for learners who are looking forward to improving their vocabularies and learning advanced writing skills.
  • ENGLISH FOR PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING: As our courses are tailored around learners who are new to the system here and have language barriers, this course would prepare them to be active at professional places like banks, schools, government offices, and more.
  • BOOK CLUB: Book club provides the opportunity to the learners to work on and develop their reading skills. This class entails reading skill development along with the opportunity to work on the vocabulary and discussion skills.

One-on-one tutoring offers learners the flexibility of time and location. These classes provide them with the opportunity to learn with their busy schedules and other time-constrained challenges.

Share the Good News
As always, it is very exciting to see so many learners walk in our door. We love the enthusiasm and look forward to serving all our current (143) learners and we can not wait to welcome all the new ones.

Thank You, Volunteers!
A huge thank you to all our Volunteers. Your commitment is highly appreciated, and PALS would have not been able to provide our learners with excellent services without your help and dedication. It has been a pleasure having you with us and we hope to continue the same this year.

Coming Soon
LELL has some exciting events planned for this year:

  • Learning English through movies: Learning is going to get more fun with monthly movie times. The learners are going to have the opportunity to learn outside of the traditional platforms and curriculum.
  • Craft workshops: LELL plans to run craft workshops for different occasions like family day and more. Keep checking our newsletters for the latest dates and events.
  • Field trips: We plan to have some field trips throughout the year. The learners will be able to visit different places like galleries and museums. This would help them learn outside the classroom.
  • New classes and courses: Our new advanced writing and speaking courses are all set to start this year and learners are enthusiastically enrolling for the same. If you are a learner and would like to be a part of this course, this is the right time to reach out to us.

LELL Coordinator

Ravneet Shergill
Call: 780-424-5514, press 2

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