Holiday Greetings from Literacy

Merry Christmas Everybody and Happy New Year!!

2023 has been amazing at PALS. We finished our Mystic Mystery book in Book Club 2 weeks ago and have been having a laugh reading funny Christmas Stories! And writing our own!! Check out Alison’s stories!!
Merry Christmas

A long time ago our church had a Christmas Children’s party, we had a really good time. All the children didn’t know my husband and I were Mrs. and Mr. Santa Claus. The children were all talking to Mr. Santa Claus and I was standing near him and giving them the Christmas presents. 

They were happy and thanking me and didn’t know who I was. it was so cute.

Some children sat with their parents and were eating, and having a good time, chatting to the other people who were there. Everybody was happy and having a good time.

After wards when we were done with the Christmas Party our Minster told us we did a really good job and he said thank-you! so much and Merry Christmas to us. It was a wonderful thing to volunteer for.

The End.

Long time ago on Christmas Eve, We went to our church service that night, before we left the house we thought the box of black magic chocolate will be ok!

Under the tree, we had some chocolate before we left the house. We put under the real Christmas tree in our parents living roo, the black magic chocolate was there, so we lift, our home. We had a dog named Black, he is a poodle, name Blackie, we got him when we move to Stettler Alberta, when he was only young puppy, my dad came home from work, he was under my dad’s ran coat and his face was sticking out.

I told mom what is that in dad’s coat, so my dad came in at the door way, and tell us surprise.

It was black poodle name Black we name him already because he was all black.

So that night when no one wasn’t at home, our Blackie was or dog came over and ate all the chocolates in that box under the tree, we thought he won;t touch them, so he did eat all the chocolate we thought he will be a very sick dog, when we got in the door into my parents home Blackie wasn’t sick at all.

The End. Merry Christmas To All. From Alison P.

Book Club

Next year the book club starts on January the 9th. We start at 1:30. The book is called Missing Her. We have read other mysteries by this author and really enjoyed them. Anyone from Challenger 4 and up can join the book club. ELL students are also welcome. Talk to your tutor or coordinator to see if you are at the right reading level to join (CLB 4 plus).

Shelley Vincent has been missing for over a year. Her fiancé, Albert Romaine, is desperate to find out what happened to her. With Christmas less than a week away and no plans to speak of, PI Anna Sweet is happy to take the case. But as Anna digs deeper into Shelley’s past, she uncovers more questions than answers. Why would a woman with everything to live for simply disappear? Was Shelley murdered? And if so, why didn’t the police find her body? Anna begins to have a bad feeling. She learns that her every move is being tracked…and she fears a killer is closing in. Whoever holds the key to Shelley Vincent’s disappearance isn’t talking–and Anna Sweet is running out of time.

A perfect book choice for people who want a quick and easy read.

Hope you all have a great Christmas, full of fun, family and friends!

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