LELL - Literacy for English Language Learners

Program Description

This program is for immigrants with little or no formal education. There are 6 levels in this program, pre-CLB to CLB 5. You will work one-to-one with a tutor to learn how to read and write in English and to develop listening, speaking, numeracy and digital skills. Some of the literacy skills you will learn in this program are – learning strategies, vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, sounding out words, and spelling. Our program will help you develop your general English skills for day-to-day living, like making a doctor’s appointment, asking for help in a supermarket, filling out forms, getting a library card or talking to your child’s teacher.

Meetings are for a few hours each week at a time that works for you.

LELL Coordinator

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Learning Activities

One on One Tutoring

  • Meet with a volunteer tutor one-on-one for a few hours each week, at a time that works for you.
  • Use learning materials with real-life examples.
  • Go at your own pace and build on what you already know.
  • Gain confidence with your English language skills, and improve your reading and writing.

Group Activities

English Conversations Groups

Our group classes of a maximum of 4 learners will provide you with an opportunity to practice and help you improve your English language speaking, conversation and pronunciation through the use of various activities, tools and techniques. There will also be a focus on improving individual language barriers with the overall goal for everyone to speak more confidently, clearly and communicate better in English. These classes are designed for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 2 to 5.

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