Literacy Learner Updates – December 2022

It is now past December 1st, so I can wish people “Seasons Greetings” so, Everybody!

Hope you have a wonderful Season!

Book Club and Singalong are finished this month

On Monday, December the 13th and Thursday, December the 15th.We will be starting a new book “The B-Team” on January the 24th

Del’s Great-Aunt Kitty has retired from a life of crime and embarked on a new adventure, the B-Team. Although Del works at an animal shelter by day, by night she, her great -aunt, and best friends Dino and Ritz, use their criminal skills to right wrongs. These modern day Robin Hoods set out to return a necklace to its rightful owner but along the way they realize they’ve been tricked by an imposter who wants to get her own hands on the necklace. They can’t go to the police,  so what can they do?  

Join Book Club and find out! Call Bonnie to register at PALS

You’d think the office would quiet what with preparations for the Holidays keeping everybody hopping, but it is as busy as usual. I still have presents to get so I am in a bit of a panic….where did the year 2022 go?

I hope you all enjoy the season and  take time with family and friends over the Holiday break. Many Blessings!!

Literacy Coordinator

Bonnie Caron
Call: 780-424-5514, press 1

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