Math Learner Update – November 2022

Hello learners! It has been a busy first month for me – thank you all so much for all your responses and communications and for those I have met so far, it was so nice putting a face to a name, as I was navigating this new position of mine

I am hoping to add a few new workshops and fun activities next year so if you have any ideas for classes, you would like or ideas in general, please let me know! 

One of the ideas is for a Games Night, once a month, for tutors and learners both to have some fun, get to know more people, while practicing your math, digital and literacy skills! 

I also have a workshop planned called Parenting thru Numbers – a fun way to not only practice math terms and skills for parents but also how to have fun with math with your kids while doing everyday chores and activities. They will be learning and not even know it 

We are also looking for ways to expand our Trades Math program and how we can support those looking for trades prep more easily, so please, if you are working for an employer now, ask them how we can make it easier and if they are willing to meet with me, I would love to get their ideas. 

I will be posting sign-up sheets once dates are set, information and how to sign up will be posted in upcoming newsletters and on our Facebook page.

Math Literacy Coordinator

IdaNicole Hearder

Call: 780-424-5514, press 3

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