Math Literacy

For adults who want to improve basic math skills for daily living or to apply for other programs. Students receive instruction from trained volunteer tutors two hours weekly.

Before being placed with a tutor, each student is assessed by the math literacy coordinator. Learners are placed in a one-on-one match or are assigned to a math study group according to their schedule and learning needs. They are given a student binder that contains the following resources to promote learning:


  • program placement sheet,
  • pencil and scribbler,
  • a times table sheet,
  • math vocabulary definitions, and
  • math modules.

The program placement sheet is based on the initial assessment and shows what a student needs to learn. The math modules contain the lessons with step-by-step examples and plenty of exercises to help students advance and reach their goals.

One-on-one matches between students and tutors are made for more individualized instruction.

A math study group of up to 4 students. The tutor circulates among the students checking work, providing assistance and assigning homework.

Mastery of a math concept must be demonstrated to the tutors to advance to the next module as indicated in their program placement sheet. Students are taught calculator skills after a skill is mastered to correct their own work and to build confidence.

Math Test Preparation Workshop comprises of 4 classes for six hours each and are offered 4 times a year. Students are able to challenge their skill level, gain strategies in how to approach a math test and questions, learn calculator skills and improve math vocabulary. Students are encouraged to work on challenging questions with their tutors once these classes are over.

Math In Science class is designed for students who are close to completing their math modules and would like to work on science skills that involve using math skills. This is a foundation skill program and the curriculum is currently based on the Apprenticeship Level 1 Science. The goal of this program is to give the student the skills to approach an examination and succeed. The student can refresh their understanding of Science, and use it to pass their examination or enter another educational organization. This program runs 2 times a year for 10 weeks each.