Sharpen Your Math Skills at PALS!

Get ready to sharpen your math skills and tackle new challenges! Before we dive into the exciting new topics we have in store for you, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated tutors and enthusiastic learners. Your passion for math and commitment to lifelong learning inspire us every day. Remember, the skills developed in our program will serve you well in whatever path you choose. Keep up the good work, stay curious, and never stop learning. Thank you for being a part of our math community!

Congratulations to Emmrea and one more learner for passing their GED exams. Well done!

PALS is now running a weekly apprenticeship exam class at the Stanley A. Milner Library downtown. You can sign up at the PALS office. Space is limited.

Welcome to Ian, Jelena, Joel, Taylor, and Yvonne, our new tutors. We are happy to have you in our math community.

Learning With Games!

We never stop learning as we get older. Sometimes, even a lifetime of education is not enough when it comes to math. Learning with games has incredible benefits. Check out these adult-friendly online math games and apps to sharpen your thinking, logic, and mental math skills.

7 Cool Games for Adults to brush up Math Skills

Math Literacy Coordinator

Erum Zeb

Call: 780-424-5514, press 3

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