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How could PALS tutors better connect and support each other? The Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) would love to hear your ideas! We welcome you to attend our meetings, which are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm on Zoom.

Our meeting agenda includes: updates on current TAC projects (Sharing Circle, Mentoring Program), ideas for new TAC projects, and ideas for the newsletter content you see here!

Tutors to Tutors

Our last Sharing Circle was on January 30. Tutors from all streams had a lively, friendly chat about how our lessons have been going. Specifically, how do we evaluate learners, or know when it is time to reevaluate our lessons?

Sharing Circles are informal gatherings of tutors where we create connections, celebrate our achievements, and share ideas about a different topic every two months. The next Sharing Circle will be in March… watch your email for a personal invitation. We would love to see you there!

Any suggestions for future topics and questions for discussion are always welcome.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Project has been available on the PALS website for a few months now and we are curious about how often tutors have connected with each other.

We will be sending a short survey in March to get your feedback.

It will be very helpful to know if you have used the resource, or not, and if other tutors have contacted you. We hope you will share your experience and any ideas you have to improve the project.

Tutor Log In

To sign up for access to the Tutor Log In section of the PALS website, contact Adam at: [email protected]


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