Murayo, LELL – Literacy for English Language Learners

Murayo came to Canada from Somalia in 2007 at the age of 18 with her new husband. Murayo was pre-literate, she had never been to school in Somalia, and she did not know the alphabet or how to read or write.

Murayo remembers with sadness how difficult life was when she could not speak a word of English, read any sign or text. She was too shy and scared to ask questions and appeared rude and uncaring because she had no idea how to speak with people. Doctors visits, grocery shopping, taking a bus, or understanding any written instruction was impossible, and she was entirely dependent on others’ help.

She began her literacy journey in a LINC program, until she achieved a basic level and became a Canadian Citizen. She registered in P.A.L.S. in 2012. Since that time she has improved her skills to the level that will in the future enable her to take further educational opportunities.

Murayo’s future goal is to get her GED – high school equivalency. English was the first language I learned to read and write. I can ask questions, I do not worry if it is the right or wrong way.

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