Overcoming Computer Anxiety with PALS

Before coming to PALS, I used to experience anxiety when it came to using computers. I was afraid of fraud and identity theft. Communicating with family members who were using computers was also challenging for me. While my family and support system wanted me to learn to use computers, I recognized I had to learn for myself as they couldn’t always be around to help me.

A friend of mine mentioned that PALS had digital learning classes. I was unsure if I could use computers, but I decided I wanted to try. I’ve been in PALS’ Digital Literacy program for about 8 months and in that time, I have worked on learning to use my email on my phone, sending photos by email, and I have improved my typing speed and accuracy. Although some anxiety remains, I have grown more comfortable with computers.

I now feel there is hope for me to be able to use computers. The widespread use of computers in daily life means that I feel less isolated. I’m not always sure how much I’ll be able to learn, but I keep attending classes and learning new things.
I would recommend that anyone who has trouble with computers can learn. Computers have become a part of daily life for most people, so learning how to use them is very important.

I’m appreciative of the help that PALS has given me.

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