Phil Beakhouse

Phil Beakhouse, P.A.L.S. Learner

P.A.L.S. has every reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving. We are honoured to have received a selfless donation from Phil Beakhouse’s estate. Phil was a student and an honorary member of P.A.L.S. Phil passed away in 2019. This gift is like no other we have ever received. “Thank you” does not seem to say enough, but “Thank you” for thinking about us.

P.A.L.S. would like to thank the Beakhouse family for supporting Phil in his decision to include us in his estate and helping us change lives through literacy. 

To honour Phil, P.A.L.S. has decided to initiate a Student Achievement Award in his name. The Beakhouse family will be setting the guidelines and the amount for achieving this award.

from left to right; Vaughn Beakhouse, Tammy Beakhouse, Barb Haines (President of P.A.L.S. ) Monica Das (P.A.L.S. Executive Director)

We will live in gratitude for your absolute and inconceivable generosity.

In deepest gratitude,

P.A.L.S. Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Learners and Members of the organization.

For more about Phil see: Phil Beakhouse – The Way In

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