Phoutthaphon, Literacy for English Language Learners

Hello, my name is Phouttaphon Keovolalath but my friends call me Phoutt. I was born in Laos and lived there with my family until I was 19. In 2003 I finished my high school and then I went to Thailand to study at Buddhist University MCU Khonkaen Campus (Bachelor of Art) and I graduated in 2008. That same year Laos-Canadian Buddhist society in BC invited me to come to Canada as a volunteer so I came to Canada in 2008.

I moved to Edmonton in 2009 and tried to practice my English while I worked for Laos Alberta Buddhist Temple. I knew some English from Laos but wanted it to be much better. A couple of years ago I tried to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. My case met with Canadian experience class. I have to write English exam CELPIP and the score has to be 5 or more for me to get permanent residency.

I came to PALS and talked to the coordinator, I needed a tutor. I started to study with my tutor in February 2018. We met every Thursday 2-4 PM to practice and learn. I thought that was not enough for me so I also took computer class in the evening at PALS to learn and practice more on the computer. I thought the computer class would help me because the CELPIP exam done by computer. I did seven months of learning and practicing. I thought I was ready to go to write the test again. The result was great I got better scores than first time. My scores for the first time, listening 5, speaking 5, writing 5 and no score on reading. The second time I passed my exam and I am so happy. I got Listening 6, speaking 6, writing 5 and reading 5. At the moment I am learning at PALS continue to upgrade my English. My life is very good now with working and learning.

Lastly I would like to thank you very much to the ESL Coordinator for support and providing an amazing tutor for me. Thank you very much.

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