Pizza-Making at the Hallway Cafe

At PALS we always try to provide our learners with the best possible learning experiences. To expand on that, some of our LELL learners had the opportunity to dive into an outside-of-classroom learning experience and enjoy a pizza-making session with our friends at The Hallway Café

The learning process was as follows:

Learning to Make a Fresh Pizza Dough

The learners learned about the entire process of making fresh dough from scratch. They were very intrigued by the process and asked a lot of questions in terms of machinery, kitchen tools, the right temperature, and more. 


This phase reflected their comfort with using the language and different vocabulary to communicate, they were confident enough to put their language to use and have spontaneous conversations.

Making the Pizza Base

The next step for the learners was to make their individual Pizza base. They are very comfortable walking around the kitchen and trying different methods to get the work done. 


Some opted for the modern way by using the machine, whereas some enjoyed the old-fashioned rolling pin. This step reflected their joy of being in the session, where the learners were not only having fun working with each other, but they were also interacting with the chef.

Pizza Toppings and Into The Oven

The last step of the process was getting their pizza ready with all their favorite toppings and setting it up in the oven. Great enthusiasm was seen as the learners lined up to prepare their pizzas. They learned not only to overcome their fear of making conversations but also how to work together as a team!!!

To Conclude

It was a day full of learning and fun!!! PALS looks forward to arranging more of these activities to provide our learners with the best experiences.

LELL Coordinator

Ravneet Shergill
Call: 780-424-5514, press 2

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