Preparing for Success with Math Literacy

As July days are getting warmer and slower, it’s a perfect time to focus on personal growth and relaxation. Take advantage of the pleasant weather to engage in outdoor activities, read a good book in the shade, or even start a new hobby like gardening.

Our math groups at PALS will continue to meet as planned. During this season, some of our dedicated tutors will be taking breaks. We send them our best wishes for a restful vacation. We are also grateful to the tutors who have generously agreed to cover these classes. If you require a new tutor during this period, please reach out to the Math Literacy Coordinator for assistance.

Welcoming New Tutors

A warm welcome to Karen and Kebene, our new Math Literacy tutors. We are excited about the expertise you bring. We look forward to how your contributions will make our learners’ experiences better.

Trade Math Preparation Workshop

Mark your calendars for the Trade Math Preparation Workshop scheduled for Sunday, July 28, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This workshop is specifically designed for our trade learners, offering a fantastic opportunity to write a mock math test followed by a comprehensive discussion of the answers. It’s a great chance to prepare and gauge your readiness for actual trade math challenges. Learners interested in participating should contact the Math Literacy Coordinator to register or sign up here: Math Test Preparation Workshop Registration

Financial Literacy Workshop

Starting August 1st, we are starting a free Financial Literacy Workshop. This is a four-day course, spread over a month. You will learn into essential topics such as budgeting and savings. This workshop will help participants distinguish between wants and needs. Tutors and learners interested in participating should contact the Math Literacy Coordinator to register or sign up here: Financial Literacy Basics Registration


Looking Ahead

Your passion for education continues to make PALS a beacon of hope and growth. Stay connected and let’s make this a wonderfully productive season together.

Math Literacy Coordinator

Erum Zeb
Call: 780-424-5514, press 3

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