Privacy Policies

The Privacy Policies apply to all members of PALS – learners, volunteers and staff. These policies recognize the right of the individual to privacy of their personal information. These policies are in addition to confidentiality policies.


1. Person Responsible

The executive director is responsible for Privacy and its compliance.
The executive director receives complaints from any person in relation to these policies. The executive director will investigate the complaint and ensure that the organization is compliant. If the person who made the complaint is not satisfied with the resolution the person can take the issue to the board of directors as per PALS grievance policies.

2. Information Collected and Reason for the Collection

Information is collected from volunteers and learners:

  1. Contact information and emergency contact.
  2. Suitability for the match:
    Volunteer – education, occupation, volunteer experience, hobbies and interests,
    interviews, reference check and police check.
    Learner – previous education, country of origin, criminal record, assessment of current skills.
  3. Availability for the match:
    Time available, mode of transportation and geographic area.
  4. Funders requests:
    Age, marital status and dependents.
  5. Outcome results:
    The progress of the match and the results for the learner.

Staff are responsible to ensure that accurate information is kept and the information is updated.

3 Use of Information

Information is shared with the learner’s tutor and staff.
Information and reports of results of the tutoring are combined so that no one person can be identified. The combined results are used for reports to funders and in PALS information.

4 Security of Information

Information is kept in a secure location and is password protected on the computer.


5 Destruction of Information

Information that can identify a person is destroyed two (2) years after the person has left the program. Information may be kept that can be compiled as in Use of Information.


6 Third Party Transfers

Students and volunteers have to sign a release/consent form allowing the release of information to a third party. The third party will have to state the reasons for which the request for information is made.


7 Openness and Accessibility

Learners will be informed of the privacy of information policies. The policies will be included in the tutor training manual.
Each person can have access to his/her information if requested. Access will be provided by the staff so that no information on another person will be shared.

8 Donor to PALS

Personal information on anyone who makes a donation to PALS is used internally.
PALS does not trade, sell or share donor information.
Donors are acknowledged in various PALS publications unless the donor has indicated to remain anonymous.