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The Tutor Advisory Committee (TAC) operates for tutors, by tutors. We have two ongoing programs:

Sharing Circle
What it is

The Sharing Circle is an opportunity for tutors new and old from all educational streams to meet, talk and exchange ideas.

Why attend

When you attend a Sharing Circle you become a part of a community of tutors who strive to enhance the tutor and learner experience. Furthermore, your ideas, suggestions and comments help to shape the vision of programs and the educational material sourced by PALS coordinators.

Dates and Times

Meetings are hosted over video conference every two months with a once a year in-person meetup.

Please check your email for a personal invitation. Information on dates and times can also be found in the PALS newsletter.

Tutor Connect

What it is

Tutor Connect allows you to connect with a fellow tutor to ask questions, discuss ideas or get some advice.

How Tutor Connect can help you
  • Whether you are a veteran tutor or recently began teaching, we all look for ideas and support to increase our skills as a tutor. Each of us has a variety of perspectives and backgrounds to offer.
  • If you are looking for tutoring advice, want to understand your student better, or are looking to share some ideas, Tutor Connect is for you.
How it works

Choose from the list of tutors who are willing to be contacted by a fellow tutor on the PALS website ( – Tutor Login – Tutor Connect). You can choose a name from Math, Literacy/LELL or Digital and contact them through their email. Once you’ve made your first connection, you may together decide to continue virtually or by phone.

Join YOUR Tutor Advisory Committee

TAC meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm on Zoom.

If you want to join us or find out more, email us.

Website and Tutor Login

To sign up for access to the Tutor Login section of the PALS website, contact Adam.


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