Spring into Digital Literacy

Digital and technology are such interesting things to learn to keep up with today’s society. It reminds us of spring where we will get the opportunity to blossom ourselves and a chance to watch us grow as we continue to learn every day. Although we will run into gloomy days of uncertainty, the sun will rise and shine for us to continue to become better learners.

At the beginning of the month, PALS launched a new Drop-In typing class to practice typing at their own pace. Whether you are a learner or tutor, you are more than welcome to visit our office to utilize our computer room to practice and be an accurate typer. Please call the office to check on availability time slots. There will be a sign-in and sign-out binder at the front desk.

Would you like to learn more about emailing your loved ones? Or keep up to date with social media trends? Or even simply, create a digital portrait? In the coming weeks, PALS will be offering more Drop-In classes to meet your learning needs. If you are interested in certain topics that you would like to learn more about, please contact the Programs Manager [email protected]. We value your feedback and suggestions in making your digital learning journey an adventure!


Learn Something New!

Because March is Fraud Prevention Month, here is a workbook on Online Safety. Learn a little bit about online scams, strong passwords, and ways to stay safe online.

Download Here

Digital Literacy Coordinator

Laureen Guldbrandsen
Call: 780-424-5514, press 4

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