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Welcome to P.A.L.S.!

Welcome to P.A.L.S.! We’re changing lives through literacy!

P.A.L.S. has over 200 students and about 150 volunteers working as tutors with them. It is a busy, happening place just off Jasper in our downtown core.

Thank you for your interest in P.A.L.S. You might want to tutor, you might want to be a student. You might want to support P.A.L.S. in some other way. Everyone is welcome! Drop down and check us out!

Phil Beakhouse

Phil Beakhouse, P.A.L.S. Learner

P.A.L.S. has every reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving. We are honoured to have received a selfless donation from Phil Beakhouse’s estate. Phil was a student and an honorary member of P.A.L.S. Phil passed away in 2019. This gift is like no other we have ever received. “Thank you” does not seem to say enough, but “Thank you” for thinking about us.

P.A.L.S. would like to thank the Beakhouse family for supporting Phil in his decision to include us in his estate and helping us change lives through literacy. 

To honour Phil, P.A.L.S. has decided to initiate a Student Achievement Award in his name. The Beakhouse family will be setting the guidelines and the amount for achieving this award.

from left to right; Vaughn Beakhouse, Tammy Beakhouse, Barb Haines (President of P.A.L.S. ) Monica Das (P.A.L.S. Executive Director)

We will live in gratitude for your absolute and inconceivable generosity.

In deepest gratitude,

P.A.L.S. Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and Learners and Members of the organization.

For more about Phil see: Phil Beakhouse – The Way In

In Memoriam: Shirley Sandul 1948 – 2019

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Shirley Sandul,Executive Director of P.A.L.S.  – Project Adult Literacy Society on Friday morning August 2, 2019.

She was a devoted advocate for literacy and touched many people’s lives  She will be greatly missed.

A memorial service with luncheon to follow will be held on Saturday August 24, 2019 at 10:00 am at Hainstock’s Funeral Home & Crematorium, 9810 34 Avenue.

P.A.L.S. will be hosting a ceremony to honour Shirley’s years of service. Details to be announced.



Student and Volunteer Recognition Celebration 2019

P.A.L.S. held our Student and Volunteer Recognition Celebration and Annual General Meeting at the McKay Avenue School Archives and Museum on Tuesday, April 23.

2018 was a very successful year for our learners! We had 83 adult learners in our Literacy program, 125 in our Math Literacy program, and 163 in our Literacy for English Language Learners program. Volunteer tutors contributed more than 13,000 hours to our mission of changing lives through literacy.

Congratulations to all our outstanding students and volunteers! (more…)

Eddy, Literacy

I came to P.A.L.S. to learn how to write properly in English. I was tired of not being able to write and having to ask my wife to write things for me. Also, when my employers asked me to write about what happened to a tool or an incident report, it made me look stupid when half the report was spelt wrong. Some people made fun of me. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of it all. So I did something about it. I phoned PALS and that was one of the best decisions in my life.


Phoutthaphon, Literacy for English Language Learners

Hello, my name is Phouttaphon Keovolalath but my friends call me Phoutt. I was born in Laos and lived there with my family until I was 19. In 2003 I finished my high school and then I went to Thailand to study at Buddhist University MCU Khonkaen Campus (Bachelor of Art) and I graduated in 2008. That same year Laos-Canadian Buddhist society in BC invited me to come to Canada as a volunteer so I came to Canada in 2008.


Emmanuel, Math Literacy

Good evening everyone, thank you for having me.

My name is Emmanuel Bautista. I am from Manila, in the Philippines. I worked doing electrical installation and as a foreman and contractor for advertising campaigns and public relations. I came to Canada 12 years ago because of my dream.


Family Literacy Carnival

Come celebrate Family Literacy Day at the Family Literacy Carnival on Sunday, January 27, from 2 to 4:30 pm at the MacEwan University City Centre Campus, Heart of the Robbins on 104 Avenue and 109 Street! There will be many free, interactive activities for the whole family, including storytelling and free books! Admission is free.

Learn more at //www.macewan.goldenkey.org/Family-Literacy-Carnival

Family Literacy Carnival

A Merry Little Christmas Market

Prince of Wales Armories Heritage Centre
10440 108 Avenue

Saturday, November 24th and Sunday, November 25th
10 AM – 5 PM

P.A.L.S. students, tutors, and friends
will be selling their crafts at the market.
Help support literacy and spread some holiday cheer!